Visa Bureau featured in Australia & New Zealand Magazine

- Posted in Australia Testimonials by Dominicon 29 April 2013

Australia and New Zealand Magazine

Rebecca and Duncan Camilleri explained their move
to Perth in the April issue of Australia & New Zealand

Moving to Australia is such a popular daydream in the UK and Ireland that few people don't know at least a couple of people who've done it and made the move Down Under. While the Australian Visa Bureau is on hand to help anyone and everyone with the process once they've made the decision, the Australia & New Zealand Magazine is there to help people to make the decision.

Published every month, the Australia & New Zealand Magazine is the only UK-based magazine dedicated to helping people organise their move to Australia or New Zealand. Every issue, the magazine runs a 'Real Life' section, in which fresh arrivals in Australia or New Zealand explain their decision to move around the world, how they did it and how they are finding their new lives.

In the April, 2013 issue, Rebecca and Duncan Camilleri explained why they love their new lives in Perth, and we at the Visa Bureau could not be more happy for the couple, given that they were Visa Bureau clients!

The couple decided to make the move after visiting Australia a few years ago and decided they wanted to head back:

We visited Australia’s East Coast for a holiday five years ago. We hired a camper van and drove from Cairns to Sydney and just loved Australia, but had never been to Perth. We had read about Perth in books though and fell in love with the place!

We were living in Ferndown, Dorset when we decided to make the move. We enlisted the help of Sue Tempany from Visa Bureau – she was excellent! We wanted to get our visa application in before the new system came in place, and because of this we were limited on time. Sue was brilliant as she made sure no details were missed and would let us know when things had to be done. Her assistance was priceless, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone do it on their own!

Now Rebecca and Duncan are there, they're taking advantage of every opportunity and are loving their new lifestyle:

In the past couple of months we have had maybe two rainy days and three or four quick showers. The rest of the time it is glorious sunshine and just so lovely!

The move has changed our lives dramatically as we live such a healthy lifestyle now! In the UK we were always hoping for a sunny day to plan something that would end up being ruined by the rain. We also watched TV a lot! Now we are out in the sun every day after work. I commute to work by cycling through two beautiful parks, with ducks, swans, turtles. We make sure that we see the beach every weekend, even if we are really busy.

We look for outdoor activities to do rather than indoor ones and find that there is no time for TV! We are both always home by 5pm and then either go to the beach, play tennis, go for a swim or go and see friends. During our weekends, we are spending more time out in parks, beaches and doing touristy things.

To read more about Rebecca and Duncan's new life in Perth, as well as their experience with the Visa Bureau, you can read the full article here.

- Dominic Ladden-Powell is the Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.