Vice President highlights flaws of US visa program

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 31 August 2011

Vice President Biden's comments were made at a Business Roundtable that was also attended by Chinese Vice President Xi. Biden went on to say that "we've made much progress, but there are some real and perceived barriers that exist in both countries that have to be dealt with.

"I think it's legitimate for Chinese business persons and government officials to point to the dilemma with the American visa process, which I very much want to work on with the [Chinese] vice president."

His comments are similar to ones made recently by American business and travel leaders, who have called on the current administration to focus on reforming the US visa system. The hopes are that through making it easier for business and leisure travellers to get a visa to visit America, new jobs in the tourism and travel sector will be created.

However, any visa reform has typically been very slow-moving, despite the efforts of organisations like the US Travel Association who recently formed a coalition to advance the issue.

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