VETASSESS Trades: Chef vs Cook

VETASSESS have recently been in contact with Migration Agents to inform them of the increased number of applicants applying as Chefs when they are in fact Cooks. It is important that applicants nominate the correct occupation to ensure they meet the qualification requirements and avoid an unsuccessful skill assessment.

The most common issues identified by VETASSESS are outlined below:

  • applying for Chef as their nominated occupation however their references do not show they have been completing the work tasks of a Chef for 3 years full time;
  • applying for Chef as their nominated occupation, however their employment statements refer to them as a Cook;
  • with units listed on their statement of results which do not meet Australian training packaging rules;
  • with an incorrect Certificate for the nominated occupation

While the ANZSCO job descriptors and codes for Chef and Cook are similar, there are key differences which distinguish them as separate occupations and separate skill assessments. Essentially, Chefs are in a managerial role and take charge of managing staff and running the kitchen.

If you're unsure about your occupation requirements and would like further information about your Australian visa options, complete one of our free online visa assessments. As a Visa Bureau client you will receive personalised guidance in collecting all the required documents and references for your skill assessment with VETASSESS Trades. You will also complete your technical interview at one of our Visa Bureau offices in London or Edinburgh.

For more information about what the VETASSESS Trade skill assessment involves see here.