US Visa hikes, anti-outsourcing sentiments are of grave concern says Indian Minister

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 05 November 2010

“The issues of the hiked visa fees, denial of visa sometimes, the issue of strong steps against outsourcing, these are very important and contentious issues that have been brought to my notice also, and the Government of India has already taken up these issues at the highest levels, and in the future also,” Pilot said while launching a new telecom scheme in New Delhi.

Pilot said he was sure these issues will be adequately addressed at appropriate levels in future but they were a matter of concern.

US President Barack Obama will arrive in India tomorrow, and discussions on future trade and cooperation issues are likely to include the increase in US Visa fees and a ban on out-sourcing by the state of Ohio, both moves which have greatly impacted on the $60 billion IT sector created by Indian companies in the US.

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