US Visa for Harvard fellowship denied for Colombian journalist

The US Embassy ruled journalist Hollman Morris was ineligible to enter the United States under the "Terrorist Activities" section of the USA Patriot Act.

Morris’s work investigating abuses by far-right armed groups who fight the FARC in Colombia's isolated rural regions lead to him being awarded the Nieman Fellowship. The prestigious fellowship is a mid-career program at Harvard University for experienced reporters.

Outgoing Columbian President Alvaro Uribe described Morris as “an accomplice of terrorism” on 3 February last year, and the journalist has been accused of allegiance to the FARC guerrilla group.

While the Nieman Fellowship has brought journalists from around the world to Harvard to study this is the first time an American political decision has prevented a foreign journalist from studying.
The Nieman Fellowship curator, Bob Giles, has written to the State Department asking it to change its decision and issue a US Visa to Morris.  

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