US immigration law meeting between Obama, Brewer a “very cordial conversation”

Brewer and Obama discussed US immigration and border security problems, and the two agreed to work together although there are obvious issues where the two do not agree.

“We agreed to try to work together in order to find some solution,” Brewer said, “We know we’re not going to agree on certain issues until other issues are worked out.”

Brewer did not get into details of their conversation about the controversial Arizona immigration law but said she is confident in her decision.
“It was the right thing to do. I believe we are protecting the people of Arizona, and beyond that I believe that we are protecting the people of America.”

The White House has released a paper statement following the meeting saying “regarding Arizona law SB1070, the President reiterated his concern with the measure, including that a patchwork of different state immigration regulations around the country would interfere with the federal government’s responsibility to set and enforce immigration policy”.

The President listened to Governor Brewer’s concerns and acknowledged “understandable frustration” that Americans share about the US immigration system. Both the President and Governor agreed that the lack of action to fix the broken system at the federal level is unacceptable.

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