US immigration fee hikes protested by advocates

US Immigration plan to increase fees on permanent residency, also known as green card applications by $50, making the fee $985. Biometric fingerprinting, which is required for most immigration applications including the green card, will also increase from $80 to $85 dollars.

Application fees for a temporary residence US visa, such as for students, will go up drastically by $420 dollars to $1,030.

 “It’s becoming clear that in order to benefit from the immigration system, that wealth is a defacto requirement,” said Christopher Punongbayan of the Asian law Caucus.

“The key thing that is missing from this proposed fee increase is a fee waiver so individuals who are on fixed income-low income or no income or otherwise can’t afford it can still benefit from all the immigration services,” Punongbayan told Balitang America.

Immigrant advocates will use the 45-day public comment period to raise their objections to the increase.

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