US immigrants hopeful Obama will reform immigration

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 22 January 2009

Immigrants marched, prayed, wrote letters and carried banners from Miami to Los Angeles to plead for American immigration reform.

Yet, with the forecasted two-year economic crisis and plans to concentrate on amending America's two wars, it seems unlikely that immigration reform would be high on the new President's agenda.

Immigrants are calling for a pathway to legalisation for undocumented workers and an expansion of the American immigration programme so that the government can grant more American visas.

The campaign will see 10,000 letters sent to the President asking for immediate changes to the immigration system, including an end to raids for illegal immigration and a stop to an ICE program that allows local and state police officers to perform immigration checks.

"He can do this right now—we don't have to wait a year, two years, for immigration reform," Sara Mijares, of the Mundo Maya Foundation in Los Angeles, said.

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Article by Editorial Staff, American Visa Bureau.