US Embassy announces reopening of Mexican border city consulate

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 04 August 2010

A US Embassy spokesman said there would be no comment on whether security had been increased or any comment about security threat that prompted the unexpected closure on Friday and Monday.

It is believed the consulate closure was made keep its consulate employees safe in increasingly violent Mexican border city, where three people connected to the consulate have been killed by drug gangs.

Hundreds of Mexicans were forced to postpone US Visa application appointments as the consulate in Ciudad Juarez is the only place that processes immigrant visas in Mexico.

The US Embassy said it would reschedule appointments for visa applications through its call centre.

The Ciudad Juarez consulate processed 124,145 US Visa applications in 2009, as well as around 120,000 travel visas, the state department said.

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