University Union challenges new UK visa system

Under the new UK immigration system, academics must report international students if they fail to enrol, miss lectures or drop out. 

The new UK Student Visa rules also mean all universities and colleges taking foreign students need a licence from the UK Border Agency.

Tuesday morning's resolution called on the UCU congress to "condemn the highly discriminatory nature of the immigration points system and its corrosive impact upon academic freedoms and equality and diversity with the university sector".

A second resolution called for a high-profile campaign opposing restrictions to student and employment visas.

Speaking after the debate, UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: "UCU remains utterly opposed to this legislation. It is one thing to ask people to be good citizens but forcing our members to act as an extension of the police and border service and to spy on students is just unacceptable.

"We will do all that we can to work with external organisations, sister unions and students in opposing this legislation."

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