UK visas for top migrants say Conservatives

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 08 October 2009

Mr Green said the party would keep the current points-based system, but place an annual limit to cut of low-skilled migration and push for more skilled workers for UK Work Permits and UK Visas.

"We want to attract more than our fair share of the brightest and the best," Mr Green said.

Mr Green said he wanted to reach an immigration system as close as possible to the Australian system, which has quotas for some professions but also set targets for highly qualified migration.

He said Britain needed to attract entrepreneurs and highly-skilled graduates and allow them into the country with UK Work Permits and UK Visas, or face being beaten in the global economy by rivals like Japan or the US.

Mr Green said it was important to control UK immigration by imposing an overall cap on numbers in order to ease pressure on public services.

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