UK Visa reforms could deter students, says St Andrews University

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 14 January 2011

The new UK immigration rules proposed by the government will make it more difficult for people seeking to come to Britain to study, limit their right to work while studying and their ability to bring dependents, and end students from overseas staying on to look for jobs.

St Andrews University Student Association director of representation Siena Parker said there were serious concerns about the planned changes, which are currently in the public consultation stage.

With around 30 per cent of its student body from overseas, the university has the largest proportion of international students in Scotland.

"We recruit from all over the world and this will inherently put students off coming here if they don't have the opportunity to work for a year or two after graduation. We are handing over a massive gift to our competitors in other countries by making these changes. They will inevitably mean more international students will go elsewhere in Europe and the US," Ms Parker said.

The association is surveying students before sending a response on the UK Visa rules to send the Home Office.

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