UK Visa extended for girl’s life-changing surgery

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 16 August 2010

Kade Romain, 15, was born without normal ears and was flown to Scotland for a series of major operations to restore her appearance and hearing.

One of Scotland's leading private hospitals, Spire Murrayfield, offered to waive the £50,000 fee for the surgery but due to an immigration mix-up in June Kade faced being deported because her UK Visa had expired before the surgery could take place. 

Kade has now been granted permission to remain in the UK for a further six months.

Kade was born with bilateral microtia, a condition where the outer ear is under-developed, although her inner ear is thought to be normal.

Montrose dance teacher Robina Addison, who has an MBE for charity fundraising, fostered Kade last year after first meeting her during a trip to Trinidad 11 years ago.

After the surgery, Kade will be able to return to her home country with greatly improved chances to study or get a job.

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