UK visa cap will ‘not harm foreign companies doing business in the UK’

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 15 July 2010

At a breakfast meeting with over 100 top UK foreign investors Prime Minister David Cameron said that the new government has put UK’s ability to attract and retain inward investment at the heart of its economic recovery plans.

The new government has committed to cut the number of visas for non-EU migrants, and has a temporary UK Visa cap in place until the full programme is implemented next year.

“The policy will be managed to make sure that foreign investor’s interests are not harmed,” said UK Secretary of State Vince Cable at a recent event.

“We are aware that foreign investors need to bring in high level managers, skills and have intra-company transfers,” he said.

Mr Cameron, Mr Cable and other key cabinet ministers are due to visit India later this month.

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