UK Visa biometric services clinic to operate monthly in the Cayman Islands

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 08 July 2010

The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) will visit Grand Cayman this month to offer a biometric services clinic to enable applicants to complete their UK Visa application without the need to leave the island in order to have certain biometric data captured.

Currently, all UK Visa applicant has to travel to the Visa Application Centre in Kingston, Jamaica, to complete their application.

The UK Border Agency requires every visa applicant around the world to enrol their fingerprints and have a digital photograph taken when they made a UK Visa application. This requirement is to protect the integrity of the UK Visa system and to protect applicants and their family from identiy theft. In the longer term, applicants' biometric data will be used to facilitate fast passage through automatic gates of entry at UK ports and airport.
The first clinic on Grand Cayman will be on 27 July, and will be held every month.

People who wish to attend the clinic should apply online to the UK Immigration website, and then follow instructions to book a biometric clinic appointment.

The biometric clinic service fee is US$150 per applicant.

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