UK university to use new software app to meet immigration requirements

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 11 August 2009

The university has selected ImageNow from Perceptive Software for an initial deployment in its admissions department to help with the paperwork of the sizable international student population and meet new UK immigration legislation.

New immigration legislation requires the university to scan and capture overseas student passports, UK student visas,  and related documents, and the system needed to be in place before the start of the fall semester.

Under the new legislation, implemented on March 31, this year, and known as the points-based system, students need to be sponsored by a licensed education institution for a UK student visa.

The student visa links the student to that sponsor institution.

Formerly, students were able to obtain a student visa and go to any institution that had provided an offer of admission. Now the foreign student must select just one.

By sponsoring students, universities take on new legal responsibilities, ensuring that students comply with immigration conditions.

Universities will also be required to keep up to date records, including copies of passport, student visas, and current address, and to monitor student registration, attendance, and progression.

Changes, such as non-arrival or non-attendance, have to be reported to the UK Border Agency. Institutions that fail to comply could have their sponsorship licensing downgraded or revoked, affecting their abilities to admit international students.


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