UK to print passports at home

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 05 October 2011

UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced on Monday that the Government's Identity and Passport Service (IPS) will take over responsibility for the printing and distribution of UK passports.  Previously, this has been undertaken by the various global processing centres of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The Washington FCO office printed its final UK passport this week.

The Government hopes this relocation of visa processing authority will enhance the confidence of the British public in passport security.

"The British passport is one of the most secure documents of its kind in the world. This milestone means IPS customers around the world can be more confident than ever that their passport will be handled safely and delivered to their door via the new secure delivery service," Mr Green said.

"We will continually seek to improve our processes to provide an efficient high quality service to customers".

The transition to IPS responsibility for printing began in June 2011 and new passports have been delivered from the UK to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Pakistan.

The Government is now seeking to consolidate processing so that all passport administration from application to distribution is handled in the UK.

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