UK student visa numbers from Asia rises sharply

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 24 November 2009

The BBC obtained UK Student Visa numbers through a Freedom of Information request and reported that the number of people entering from those countries has tripled.

The UK immigration points-based system was introduced late last year and gives characteristics like age, occupation, and education points to more effectively target needed skills and allow greater selection than the old system.

Between June and August 2008, before the new immigration system, the British High Commission in Mumbai, New Delhi and Dhaka issued 6,771 student visas.

During the same period this year under the new points-based immigration system, the three offices issued 19,950 UK Student visas.
The BBC says India and Bangladesh are two of the biggest countries for non-EU student visa applications but also considered hotspots for non-genuine applications.

Earlier this month immigration officers told the BBC they feared more bogus students were being granted a UK Visa under the new system, and that many had previously been denied entry to the UK or were suspected of entering to work and not to study. 

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