UK plans to simplify immigration law

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 07 December 2007

Most significantly, the new law will clearly distinguish between temporary and permanent UK residents, setting out exactly what rights people can expect and how they can earn citizenship.

"We are currently undertaking the biggest reform of our immigration system for 40 years," commented borders and immigration minister Liam Byrne.

"Over the next 18 months we will introduce our Australian-style points based system for workers, roll out our e-borders programme to count people in and out of the country and require ID cards for foreign nationals. Our legislation must be able to adapt to these changes and the challenges they bring."

The Border and Immigration Agency has said it wants the new Immigration Bill, which was announced the Queen's Speech at the beginning of November, to be transparent, clear, predictable and to use plain English.

The agency says it has received positive feedback to its consultation.

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