UK immigration staff strike to cause chaos for travellers

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 17 September 2010

It will be the first strike in the history of the union and the walkout by more nearly 2,500 UK immigration officers could create chaos for travelers irrespective of any contingency measures adopted by the UK Border Agency, the union said.

"It will have a major impact on anyone hoping to travel to Britain by sea, Eurostar, or air," said Stuart Band, the union's vice chairman.

"Given that we represent 84 per cent of immigration staff we expect all our members will go out on strike."

As the union also represents managerial grades, the UK Border Agency could find its contingency plans will also be hindered.

The strike is expected to cause lengthy immigration queues at airports as well as ferry terminals. 

Lin Homer, Chief Executive, UK Border Agency said the efforts would be made to minimise disruption, but added that people coming into the country could face delays.

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