UK immigration sham marriage bride caught in bed with real boyfriend

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 10 January 2011

Irina Iljina, 22, and bridegroom Parminder Singh, 22, both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to breach UK immigration laws in Peterborough Crown Court. Singh also admitted a perjury charge.

Iljina and Singh went to make wedding plans at the Peterborough Register Office on 30 November for their wedding on 17 December, but the registrar became suspicious by the lack of interaction between the pair and tipped off the authorities.

When UK Immigration officers went to Iljina’s address on Alexander Road, Peterborough, on 16 December they found her in bed with a man she later admitted was her boyfriend.

Singh gave his address as Gladstone Street but he could not be traced there. He was later found and arrested by Thames Valley Police at Maidenhead.

The court heard that Singh, in the UK on a valid working holiday visa, hoped the  marriage to an EU national would help him move to a more permanent UK Visa with the associated rights to work and claim benefits.

Iljina and Singh will be sentenced on 28 January. 

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