UK Immigration returns to Zimbabwe will resume

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 18 October 2010

Enforced returns to Zimbabwe were suspended in September 2006 because the unstable political situation in the country meant that their safety could not be guaranteed, but since the formation of the Inclusive Government in 2009, the country is now considered stable enough to receive returnees.

This means that all Zimbabweans without a UK Visa or the right to remain in the UK now face enforced removal.

Damian Green, the Minister for Immigration, said: 'We have announced the resumption of enforced returns to Zimbabwe for failed asylum seekers judged by the independent courts to have no right to remain in the UK.

“This decision reflects the improved stability in Zimbabwe since 2009 and the UK court's view that not all Zimbabweans are in need of international protection.

“Those facing return will join the hundreds who have returned voluntarily, responding to calls by Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to return home and help rebuild their country.

“The British government takes its international responsibilities seriously and will always grant protection to those in genuine need, and continue to monitor events in Zimbabwe.'

The UK Immigration Department has provided packages to help hundreds of Zimbabweans to return home voluntarily since 2006.

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