UK immigration policy launched to tackle border crime

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 23 February 2010

The UK immigration strategy, 'Protecting our border, protecting the public',  was launched by Mr Woolas who said the UK Border Agency can be proud of their achievements but that the new strategy will position the agency to target these crimes more effectively.

“The agency is the UK's first line of defence against criminals, smugglers and illegal immigrants. Protecting the public lies at the heart of what we do. Combating border and immigration crime, such as drugs smuggling and large-scale facilitation of illegal entry, is a core part of that role.

“ We are already actively working with law enforcement partners, particularly in pilot areas in the North West and the Midlands. It is only through collaboration that we can deploy the necessary variety of approaches to intervene and reduce the harm caused by organised crime,” he said.

One example of joint partnership includes where a team officers from the Border Agency’s Midlands 'Rebutia' immigration crime team, the UK Human Trafficking Centre, the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and Derbyshire police broke up a human trafficking gang who were exploiting foreign workers in a chicken processing plant.

As a result of the operation, three offenders were arrested and are awaiting sentencing.

The new strategy will be delivered under four supporting objective:

  • Deter - Strengthening UK resilience against immigration and cross border crime
  • Disrupt - Breaking up criminal activities and organised criminal groups
  • Detect - Identifying and locating those responsible for criminal activity and the smuggling of illicit goods
  • Deal - Taking action against those engaged in all levels of criminal or non-compliant activity

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