UK immigration now a major anti-crime force

Border and immigration minister Phil Woolas, confirmed the UK Border Agency as one of the country’s largest law enforcement bodies saying that UK immigration and borders were stronger than ever.

“Smugglers, forgers, traffickers be warned – the UK is a hostile environment. You will be targeted, you will be caught and immigration powers can and will be used to prosecute you and remove you from the country,” he said at the European Serious Organised Crime conference.

“The UK Border Agency is responding to local community needs as a law enforcement agency. Our borders are stronger than ever and frontline immigration staff work collaboratively with police, local authorities and government agencies to target and disband immigration crime that preys on vulnerable individuals.”

The UK Border Agency has recently released a five-year crime strategy, “Protecting our border, protecting the public”, on the agency’s approach to preventing crime and targeting criminals who abuse the immigration system.

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