UK immigration fraudsters arrested

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 25 September 2012

The Sun revealed how the three men, calling themselves the 'History Men' were capable of fabricating fake passports, National Insurance cards and safety certificates as well as all manner of occupational evidence required to support a UK visa application.

An undercover Sun reported managed to buy a complete 'history' from the fraudsters - including manufactured utlitiy bills registered at a fake address in a fake name - for £1,250.

"We are the History Men. We make pukka histories with which people get employment," one of the men bragged to the reporter.

"We do this daily. It's made here, London. All the blanks are stolen from the inside.

Four properties were raided by police and UK Border Agency agents at 5am yesterday morning; the men were led away while bangs of evidence including bags of evidence from both properties and one of the arrested's car.

The three men, aged 23, 24 and 34, have since been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to supply counterfeit documents.

"We are grateful for the information supplied by The Sun," said UKBA's senior investigating officer andy Shortland.

"We have seized mobile phones, documents and other materials and they will now examined as part of our investigation."

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