UK immigration failures foster disquiet among Conservatives

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 13 March 2012

The Conservative Party promised upon taking government that they would reduce net UK immigration from the 250,000 levels reached during the last parliament to the 'tens of thousands'. However, several independent studies released in the past few months have revealed similar numbers to those registered under the Labour Government.

Mark Pritchard, Conservative MP for The Wrekin and a senior Tory backbencher, has raised his concerns that unless Britain takes tougher measures to secure its borders, the UK will have to accept more and more foreign workers from within the European Union.

"There's a lot of tough talk on immigration, but not enough is being done to bring down numbers," said Mr Pritchard.

Mr Pritchard specifically highlighted the ongoing manipulation of the UK visa system, labelling it as "rampant abuse" which is being "misused and misapplied on an industrial scale."

Mr Pritchard claimed that without implementing tougher measures, the UK could expect even higher numbers of foreign nationals entering the country to work.

Other Conservative politicians have blamed their Coalition colleagues in the Liberal Democrats for hindering efforts to tighten UK visa restrictions and border controls.

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