UK immigration doubles in less than 30 years

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 09 December 2009

The Office for National Statistics’ analysis shows that the count of those born overseas, which is now agreed to be the best method for measuring the rate of UK immigration, is two million higher than it was just eight years ago.

While there has been an increase of 522,000 migrants from Eastern Europe since Poland and seven other Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004, these migrants make up only one in ten of the foreign-born population of the country. 

Other migrants include British people born overseas, such as children whose parents are in the armed forces or those who come to Britain at a very early age, and migrants from outside the EU who enter on a UK Visa.

The figures were released by National Statistician Jil Matheson, the new head of the Office for National Statistics.

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