UK immigration checks relaxed again

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 30 March 2012

Hundreds of passengers were delayed after IT systems meant UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials had to carry out UK immigration checks by hand.

Witnesses claim that a number of passengers walked through passport control before the manual checks began.

The reports come just weeks after the so called border fiasco, when UKBA officials relaxed checks, was resolved in a Home Affairs Select Committee after Home Secretary Theresa May insisted she did not authorise such a degree of relaxations.

These new reports however, are considered likely to stir up the argument again, in which UKBA chief Brody Clarke resigned and Ms May was forced to state she would not.

One passenger said approximately 1,000 people had to be held at Birmingham Airport while passports were checked manually, some were reportedly delayed as much as three hours.

A UKBA spokesperson apologised for the delays and said maintaining "the security of the UK border at all times" was the agency's priority.

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