UK immigration and pensions key issues in the second Leaders TV debate

Mr Clegg said his party would reintroduce exit controls and direct new migrants to areas where there was enough space, saying that Labour and the Conservatives had created "chaos" in the past with UK Immigration.

"I'd rather get them out of the hands of criminal gangs so that we can go after those criminal gangs, into the hands of the taxman. If they want to play by the rules, pay their taxes, speak English: that is a smart, fair effective way of dealing with immigration."

Mr Brown said an amnesty for illegal immigrants would only encourage more people to try to live in Britain.

Mr Brown said that the new point-based system for immigration was an effective way of managing UK visa eligibility; currently no unskilled worker from outside the EU was allowed to come and live in Britain.

"The big key to the future is the points system. If you don't have the points to come into this country, in other words if you don't have a skill we need, don't come to the country," he said. 

Mr Cameron said the UK had benefited from immigration and Britons should be "incredibly warm and welcoming" to people coming into the country legally but that immigration has simply become too high.

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