UK holiday-makers keeping NZ tourism above water

The tourism market in New Zealand boomed after the Lord of the Rings epic series brought the country to the world’s attention, with visitors from every corner wanting to see if its fantastical countryside was a reality.  Now, the Government are campaigning to retain the healthy flow of visitors from the UK and Europe to New Zealand.

According to the newspaper, the most recent campaign tour in Europe has seen thousands of information leaflets handed out at a sporting event in France, and will have New Zealand represented at a trade display in Germany next month. 

The New Zealand Government has also been fiercely campaigning for UK residents to emigrate to New Zealand.  The country is desperate for skilled workers to emigrate to New Zealand to fill the gaps in the market, particularly in the IT, engineering, and construction industries.  The horticultural and viticultural regions are also calling for foreign workers to fill the labour shortages, and the Government has increased the New Zealand visa quota to allow people on a working holiday visa or other visas to work in the country. 

Anyone interested in taking a working holiday to New Zealand should confirm their eligibility by taking Visa Bureau’s online assessment.

New Zealand needs skilled workers: anyone interested in migrating to New Zealand should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to New Zealand.