UK gov't introduces ten-point migration plan

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 26 February 2009

After rolling in the tough new points-based system for immigration over the past year, the UK Home Office is determined to make a success of its new goals of allowing only those needed for the economy to move to the UK, and reducing the number of people taking advantage of the UK immigration system.

Tuesday, the Government released its ten-point plan, which includes:
• Opening a new immigration removal centre to help remove immigration offenders in March,
• Introducing tougher rules for skilled migration in April,
• In April, Introducing fees for migrants so that they cover the costs they bear on local services,
• Introducing new technologies to help detect drugs and contraband at border controls, also in April,
• Tougher laws on European citizens living in Britain who have a jail sentence – May will see those with a 12-month sentence rather than 24-month sentence deported from Britain,
• Tough new visa rules introduced in July for five countries that are usually allowed visa-free entry to the UK for visiting purposes, including South Africa, Bolivia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Venezuela,
• Facial recognition technology for British citizens to go live in 10 UK terminals in August,
• Issuing of 75,000 new national identity cards for foreign nationals in November,
• Reaching a target of screening 120 million passengers against security watch-lists by December, including introducing a new high-tech security centre, and
• Deporting a record number of criminals back to their homeland by the end of the year.

The Government is also currently trying to improve the immigration system so that only those migrants who move to the UK are needed, so that there is not a surplus of people looking for employment during the recession.

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