UK employer sponsorship licences explained

If you're a UK employer that employs non-EU migrant workers, then time is running out!

Simply put, you're required to have an Employer Sponsorship Licence by November 1, 2008. and companies without an employer sponsorship licence by that date will be unable to bring in new non-EU migrant workers to the UK or extend the work permits of current employees.

What's more, the new requirements also shift a lot of the burden of responsibility from the Home Office to the employers. In fact, businesses in the UK will now be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that they are licensed to hire migrants and comply with current immigration regulations;
  • Issuing certificates to foreign workers to allow the worker to apply for entry clearance to the UK; AND
  • Ensuring that any foreign workers employed by the business are fully compliant with UK immigration law.

To better explain the changes, we've put together the Employer Sponsorship Licence Information Package.

The information package is a great first step for any employer looking to apply for an employer sponsorship licence, and explains the service that the UK Visa Bureau provides. We recommend that any UK employer of non-EU migrants read the document in full (as well as any supplementary information on employer sponsorship requirements on our website), and then contact a member of our licensing team directly by completing a UK visa application.

- Marissa Murdock is the Casework Department Manager for the UK Visa Bureau. To contact the UK Visa Bureau, complete a UK visa application.