UK desperate for Indian chefs to maintain multi-billion-pound industry

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 04 September 2008

The new points-based system was developed using the Australian system as a template, and means that migrants’ applications for UK visas will be assessed on their ability, age, experience and the level of need within that particular job sector.  According to The Economic Times, the changes to the laws have meant less Indian chefs have been granted UK skilled migration visas.

Kay Johnson, Head of Hospitality at Trafford College in Manchester, told the news provider the number of chefs training for Asian cooking has not increased since the immigration laws have taken effect at the beginning of this year.  As a result, Britain is suffering from a skills shortage in the £3.2 billion industry and needs to address the issue before the economy is irreversibly affected.

"The businesses themselves don't invest in training," said Johnson. "When we do put these courses on, people don't come. They've known that the immigration laws were going to change. They should have addressed this and trained people up, but they have not responded."

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Article by Jessica Bird, UK Visa Bureau.