UK Border Agency publishes refined criteria for Employer Sponsorship Licence applications

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 01 November 2010

The refined criteria apply to Tier 2 (General) Employer Sponsorship Licence holders' requests for additional certificates of sponsorship, and gives greater certainty by ensuring all requests will be approved if they relate to an extension for a Work Permit holder or Tier 2 (General) worker already employed by a sponsor.

The refined criteria will also help meet the ongoing recruitment needs of sponsors while maintaining the overall interim UK Visa cap introduced in July 2010, the UK Border Agency said.

Requests for additional certificates of sponsorship are considered by a panel of UK Border Agency managers on the first working day of each month, but because of the introduction of the refined criteria, the November panel will be delayed until 12 November.

This delay will allow the agency to gather further information in advance of the November panel from sponsors who have submitted a COS(AR) form. If further information is needed, the sponsor will shortly receive a letter detailing the information that they should supply.

The revised sponsor guidance can be read in full here.

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