Tourism New Zealand welcomes same-sex marriage law

New Zealand became the 12th country in the world to formally recognise same-sex marriage this week and Tourism New Zealand is in prime position to capitalise on the thousands of same-sex couples waiting to get married - particularly those in Australia.

Tourism New Zealand general manager Tim Burgess said the country already has an established market for wedding tourism thanks to its exotic location with breathtaking backdrops and he had already received enquiries from companies wanting to cater to same-sex couples.

"New Zealand has a well established niche market for wedding tourism, specifically companies that specialise in international visitors, and a lot of those wedding companies are keen to open their arms and embrace same-sex couples from Australia and around the world to take their vows," said Tim Burgess.

Couples in Australia are reportedly already making plans to tie the knot when the law takes effect in August.

"We are absolutely ecstatic. It's wonderful, such a milestone," said Julia Pendly, a Kiwi-born Melbourne resident who intends to marry her partner Lauren Hulstaert in New Zealand within the next two years.

Tourism New Zealand is also rolling out a social media campaign to entice more same-sex couples to New Zealand which is thought to include the right to be the first same-sex couple to wed in New Zealand, all expenses paid.

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