Tory MP riles against 'barking mad' UK immigration system

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 31 October 2012

Mr Jackson, the Conservative MP for Peterborough, has said despite the Government's efforts to reduce net migration to the UK to the 'tens of thousands' by the time of the next election, not enough is being done to reduce UK immigration from Europe.

"At the moment we have a crazy system where we are turning away highly qualified people from the Middle East but have to let in anyone from Europe regardless," said Mr Jackson.

"It is right that British Parliament dictates which foreign people live and work in the UK."

As a member of the EU, the UK is subject to one of the union's founding principles: citizens of any member state are free to live and work in any of the other member state. Any proposal which aims to restrict that is unlikely to be popular in Brussels.

The coalition Government has already made changes to UK visa and immigration policies such as the removal of post study work rights for international students and the introduction of salary thresholds for those wanting to bring partners or spouses to the UK.

Most of the changes affect non-EU citizens but Mr Jackson insists more can be done to limit EU migration.

"There is much more wiggle room than people think. We don't take the opportunity of wiggling."

The Peterborough MP will table a Bill which would prevent EU citizens from entering the UK if they have a criminal record, are in poor health or do not already have a job.

Mr Jackson's Bill is unlikely to become law as it will undoubtedly face opposition from a Government keen to avoid direct confrontation with the EU but the MP insists controls are needed.

"I'm saying we've got to have immigration control, we must have quality control."

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