Top tips on achieving your dream job in Australia

- Posted in Australia by Visa Bureauon 08 December 2017

Top tips on achieving your dream job in Australia

Migrating to Australia entails so much more than the visa, which is why we work with selected partner companies to offer you a full relocation service. Hays Globalink are one of our partners who can offer you a selection of Australian employment opportunities and insights into the Australian job market.

Below, Hays offer their top tips for securing employment in Australia:

  • Review your eligibility to emigrate through Visa Bureau's free online skilled visa assessment. In most cases Australian employers favour applicants who have secured visas with full work rights, such as those of the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189).
  • Speak to a recruiting expert at Hays Globalink to discuss the current job market and decide which region of Australia is most suitable for your skills and experience. You can also review the Hays Quarterly Report of skills in demand for your industry.
  • Australia is a vast land so it's important that prior to applying for jobs you research different areas and lifestyles. Be sure to check out the cost of living and schooling in your region of choice. This research is expected and allows you to then focus on the job itself in subsequent interviews. It also helps you to understand what a local salary truly means in that market. Don't forget to contact the Hays team for a State Guide to your chosen location.
  • Research typical salaries using the Hays Salary Guide so you understand your worth in the Australian market.
  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews. Your Hays Globalink recruiting expert can assist by providing you with a full job description and information about an organisation's offices, culture and environment, but of course you should also do your own research. "What do you know about our company?" is a classic interview question you should prepare for, so read as much online as you can about the organisation. Don't forget to also research any differences in legislation or regulation in your industry so that you know exactly how to adapt.
  • Be excited! This is a huge decision and you will be filled with apprehension, but the right preparation will calm your nerves and help make your dream a reality. Using professional services to assist with visas and employment can help make your move less stressful.

The Hays Globalink team in London focus solely on assisting skilled professionals to find their next role in Australia. Where possible, they secure interviews prior to your arrival in-country and help maneuver you into the strongest position to land that perfect role in Australia.

You can meet the Hays team and Visa Bureau's other selected partners at our Australian Migration Seminars.