Tony Abbott's increased population plan gains support

- Posted in Australia by Visa Bureauon 12 February 2013

Mr Abbott plans provide tax income incentives to Australian workers willing to move to resource rich but under populated areas such as Cairns, Darwin and Karratha as well as revamp Australia visa programs tailored towards attracting foreign workers to the regions.

Mr Abbott insists the plan, which was leaked whether unintentionally or not, is only a first draft but it has already gained the support of several state and federal politicians as well as Campbell Newman, premier of Queensland.

"As a long term policy and a real objective for our nation, to take the centre of gravity of the whole nation north, I think it's a very important thing," said Mr Newman.

The governing Labor Party has come out against the plan, claiming their own Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme which allows for 16,000 foreign skilled workers to be employed in rural Australia accomplishes the same thing.

However, Mr Abbott's plan seems to be the prevailing idea among concerned bodies, Yvonne Tunney, secretary of the Gulf of Carpentaria Chamber of Commerce said northern Australia should be held in higher esteem given its location and rich natural resources.

"There's the proximity of the north to Asia, which is the future of our markets," said Ms Tunney. "And some rather big irrigation initiatives which are being investigated, as well as the fact the whole of northern Australia is rich in various resources and minerals."

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