Tier 4 for students to be implemented soon

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 17 March 2009

The tier 4 category for adult and child students will go live on the 31 March, allowing international students to move to the UK for purposes of study.  There will be five visa types for students, including child student, child visitor, adult student, student visitor, and prospective student.

This means that those non-British nationals wishing to study in the UK must pass a strict points-based assessment before their UK visa would be approved.  Applicants can get points for doing a course with an approved institution (i.e. sponsored by an education provider with a licence to sponsor students), and having enough money to cover fees and cost of living (maintenance costs).  Maintenance costs must also have been in the applicants account at least 28 days before the UK visa application has been lodged.

The 31 March will also see other changes to the UK immigration system implemented, including overseas workers using the tier 1 category for skilled migration to have at least a masters' degree – rather than a bachelor's degree - if they have not already secured a job in the UK.  They also have to prove their previous salary amounted to at least £20,000, which is a £3,000 increase on the current rules.

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