The best of St Kilda, by foot

One of the best places to stay in Melboure is the seaside suburb of St Kilda, and the expert of the area is the backpackers' home-away-from-home, Habitat HQ. Habitat HQ also has a sweet deal for Platinum Card members, so you can get a free night's accommodation, internet, and airport pick up and much more. Have a look here for the pile of goodies you can get.

And because Habitat HQ knows Melbourne and St Kilda you will be in the right hands for finding out how to explore the city.


So why are you sitting here watching re-runs of Jerry Springer when you could be living it up on...

Habitat HQ’s DIY St Kilda Walking Tour!

There will be plenty of time to watch trashy television shows when you get back home so turn off the TV, get off your ass and check out some of the fantastic and quirky wonderland that we call St Kilda. Come up and see Habitat HQ reception and they'll give you a map and point you in the right direction…


Eating out at Acland

A mere 10 minute walk away from Habitat HQ you’ll find the bustling Acland Street, one of the best food precincts of St Kilda. If you’re hungry you can grab some fish and chips from Clamm’s Fast Fish and take it down to the beach to eat. If you’re not a fish and chips fan, there are heaps of other options including vegetarian from Lentil as Anything or burgers from Pit-Stop '96. There are also heaps of cake shops if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Habitat HQ have a list of take away menus behind reception if you want some other ideas.


Take a look at Luna Park

After you’ve eaten your food, you can take a short stroll to one of St Kilda’s most iconic landmarks, the historic fun fair with the giant smiling face, Luna Park. It’s not very big so you might get bored pretty quickly but it’s free to go inside (you just need to pay for the rides) and it’s still better than listening to people chanting “JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!”


Penguins on the pier

When you’re all dodgem car’d & merry go rounded out, you can go for a walk along St Kilda pier. Right at the end is a breakwater that has become a penguin breeding colony so when the sun comes down, the penguins will climb onto the rocks and start screaming at each other. If you want to take photos of them, please don’t use your flash as their beady little penguin eyes can’t handle the light. They come out most nights but if they aren’t around the night you go down there, don’t blame Australia. You’re just an unlucky person and your extremely unfortunate misfortune is though no fault of ours.


Beer and music at the Espy

After your penguin spotting expedition, head on down to the Esplanade Hotel, one of St Kilda’s most premier live music venues. In an average week they’ll host around 50 bands and DJ’s and a lot of the gigs are free so it’s definitely worth checking out.


Stumble home via Fitzroy Street

Tired from a long and fulfilling day of getting amongst it, you can walk home via Fitzroy Street, Acland Streets estranged half brother. Like Acland, Fitzroy Street is home to plenty of great places to grab some food or drinks. If you feel like some desserty indulgence, you can stop off at “Cold Rock” where they’ll mash up your choice of chocolates and/or lollies with ice cream. It’s an unhealthily winning combination.


Home sweet home

Jerry’s final thought: And then, when you’re all done, you can come home and collapse back in front of the TV again, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve been out into the big wide world and experienced some of the city your currently in, instead of just watching some guy confess his love to a horse…

- Habitat HQ is a 4.5 star backpacker hostel in Melbourne's funky St Kilda suburb.