Teresa May discusses UK Visa and trade issues with Pakistan counterpart

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 27 October 2010

The two ministers also renewed the five-year old Memorandum of Understanding on illegal immigration, which will help stop UK Visa fraud and illegal migration between the two countries.

The Pakistan Minister also lauded the support of British Prime Minister David Cameron in Pakistan getting access to European markets, which has not only helped strengthen Pakistan economy but also proved a big blow to terrorists.

"The access of Pakistani products to European markets has helped create job opportunities for youth - the main target of recruitment for terrorists. I a youth gets a proper job why he will indulge in terrorism," Malik said while addressing a joint press conference.

Malik said that Pakistan has drastic steps against human trafficking into Europe and a Special Task Force was formed to address this issue. He emphasised that the UK Visa service for Pakistani citizens should resume from Islamabad, since the underlying reasons for its shifting to Abu Dhabi did not exist any more.

While speaking at the join press conference, British Minister Theresa May said that both Pakistan and the United Kingdom are committed to target terrorists and she appreciated Pakistan's efforts and its role as a bulwark against terrorism and its contributions towards the regional and world's stability.

She said that renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding is part of bilateral efforts to strengthen the immigration system and assured that UK authorities were taking measures to provide timely processing of UK Visa applications for Pakistanis. She said UK Visas for the business community would be issued in three days, for journalists in seven days and for general public within 15 days.

Ms May said the UK was not considering shifting of its visa offices to Pakistan.

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