Taiwan takes step closer to youth mobility UK visa

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 03 November 2011

Following the announcement last month that the UK will offer the opportunity for young Taiwanese to obtain a two-year UK visa to live and work, Taiwan's National Youth Commission has announced the process by which it will offer sponsorship.

The commission will administer certificates of sponsorship to Taiwanese nationals who meet the UK Border Agency criteria, which includes that they are between 18 and 30 years old. 

One thousand certificates for Youth Mobility Scheme sponsorship are available and if the demand exceeds this provision, applicants will be randomly selected electronically.

Upon receiving a certificate of sponsorship, applicants must then apply separately to the UK visa application centre for a Tier 5 visa.

The inclusion of Taiwan in the UK's Youth Mobility Scheme is part of a reciprocal arrangement whereby UK youth can also visit Taiwan on 2 year working holiday visas.

Taiwan's National Youth Commission Minister Lee Yun-jie has highlighted the benefits posed by the scheme for Taiwanese youth and expressed his Government's gratitude at being included in the scheme, a sign, he said, of close bilateral relations.

"The agreement is significant for Taiwan because it is the sixth country to be eligible for the UK Youth Mobility Scheme," Mr Lee said.

Taiwan joins its neighbours South Korea and Japan in being included in the scheme, as well as former British colonies Australia and New Zealand.

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