Stats on emigrating to New Zealand show travel, work experience key

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 08 May 2009

The Department's research shows that a whopping 86 per cent of people emigrating to New Zealand had been to the country previously, with approximately 50 per cent of these working on a temporary New Zealand work permit.

The research also showed that the majority of people emigrating to New Zealand joined family and friends already resident in the country, and two-thirds had contacts in New Zealand before arriving and two-fifths had family already living there.

New Zealand was also the number one choice of migration destination for 99 per cent of migrants surveyed – during the past three years they had not applied for migration to any other country.  Most also indicated that their future would remain in New Zealand, with 88 per cent saying that their term of residence would be no less than five years.

Skilled principle migrants also proved their worth in the New Zealand economy; they had the highest employment and labour force participation rates and the lowest seeking work rates of all migrant groups, and were working at the same skill level as they did in their homeland.

Skilled principle migrants also brought with them partners who are making a sound contribution to the New Zealand economy; the majority of people emigrating to New Zealand with their skilled partner are employed and 42 per cent have an advanced vocational or university qualification.

Lesley Haines, Group Manager Immigration, said the report proves the excellence of the New Zealand immigration and settlement programme, and that it works well to meet the needs of the New Zealand economy.

"The findings in this report suggest that immigration has been good for not only the new residents but also for New Zealand, judging from how well residents have settled and the number of skilled migrants filling shortages in the labour market," Ms Haines said.

"This research demonstrates that new residents complement the needs of the New Zealand labour force by contributing their valuable skills and experience.

"New migrants also enjoy living here - nearly all of them reported feeling settled and expressed a high level of satisfaction with life in New Zealand. Moreover, migrants’ endorsement of New Zealand as a desirable destination is reflected by the large proportion that have already recommended and encouraged other family and friends to come to New Zealand."

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