Spanish E-Verify Self Check now available for US visa holders

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 17 August 2011

Speaking on the expansion of E-Verify Self Check, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorka said that the program offers workers and US visa holders "fast, secure access to their employment eligibility information before they apply for jobs."

He continued: "By offering Self Check to Spanish speakers and making the service more widely available, USCIS makes good on a promise to streamline and protect the integrity of the E-Verify process for employees and employers alike."

The program works the same as the one used by companies to check the US immigration status of their employees: every worker over 16 enters his or her information in E-Verify, which then compares it with the Social Security and Department of Homeland Security databases.

"The program lets people find out if there are any errors or discrepancies in their files and what steps to take to correct them, either through Social Security or the DHS," USCIS spokeswoman Luz Figuereo commented.

As of 6 August, over 280,000 American companies have signed up for E-Verify, representing a total of approx. 931,000 worksites nationwide.

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