South Australian interim sponsorship list announced for Australian visa applicants

Migrants who wish to live and work in South Australia
could be eligible for sponsorship under the new
Interim Sponsorship List announced.

Immigration South Australia has announced they will shortly be accepting new sponsorship applications from migrants with selected occupations who wish to live and work in South Australia.

Migrants with occupations on the South Australian Interim Sponsorship List, which will be used until the South Australian State Migration Plan and associated list is implemented, will be able to apply for sponsorship for an Australian Visa in the very near future.

Some of the occupations included on the interim list include electrician, plumber, dentist, dental hygienist, registered nurse, midwife, project builder, taxation or management accountant.

A 140KB PDF document containing the full South Australian Interim Occupation List can be downloaded here.

For eligible sponsorship applicants looking to progress their application quickly, news that sponsorship is now obtainable from South Australia will be very welcome as it provides a way to avoid the growing delay for the South Australian State Migration Plan

If you have already submitted a complete application for South Australian state sponsorship AND your occupation is included in this Interim List, your application will be processed accordingly. You do not need to send a new application at this stage.

To be considered for sponsorship an applicant must have an occupation on the South Australian State Sponsorship Interim Occupation List and must be able to meet all other state sponsorship criteria.

UPDATE 28/09/2010: South Australia are now accepting new applications for sponsorship, with their website now updated with the following information:

"Immigration South Australia will be accepting new applications for sponsorships for skilled migrants who wish to live and work in South Australia.
While we await the finalisation and implementation of the State Migration Plan and the State Sponsored Migration List (SSML), the on-line application form is re-instated to offer sponsorships for a limited number of occupations that have been identified as priority skills for our State."

- Matt Parker is a Caseworker for the Australian Visa Bureau.