South Australia sponsorship application under current Australian points test closing


The deadline for South Australia
sponsorship applications under
the current points test is 2 May.

A quick update today for anyone applying for a South Australia sponsorship application - the deadline for sponsorship applications under the current Australian points test is 2 May, 2011.

See below for the official announcement from the South Australian website:


Deadline for Sponsorship Applications - 2 May 2011

Under current Points Test

To enable all applicants sufficient time to lodge their visa applications with DIAC under the current Points Test, Immigration SA will require all complete applications to be received before 5pm Monday 2 May 2011. (Note - Our understanding is that this will be 9am UK time, due to the time difference with Australia.)

This means that all online sponsorship applications AND supporting documents must be submitted to and registered by Immigration SA before 5pm Monday 2 May 2011.

The Online Application System will be shut off at 5pm Adelaide local time on Monday 2 May 2011.

Any applications/documents received after the 5pm on the 2 May 2011 will not be processed.

Please note that every effort will be made to finalise applications received by the deadline before 1 July 2011 to enable applicants to lodge visa application with DIAC under the current Points Test. Check the Online Tracking System for results which will be posted as soon as a decision is made on the application.

All applications will be processed in order of receipt of complete applications, subject to the volume of applications, Immigration SA cannot guarantee that all applications will be finalised before 1 July 2011.

Note also that PLANNING LEVELS exist for all occupations on the current State Sponsored Migration List, once the planning level has been reached, the occupation will no longer be available for sponsorship and applications already submitted (and registered) will not proceed.

You will need to lodge your visa application with DIAC before 1 July 2011 or your visa application will be assessed against the new Points Test and criteria.

Once details of South Australia's Sponsorship criteria for 2011-2012 have been finalised, the Online Application system will be re-instated. Monitor this website for updated information.

Just as some further guidance, we're trying to make sure that all documents have left our offices by Friday, 29 April via courier in order to ensure that they will be received by 2 May.

Please understand that this doesn't mean that South Australia won't be accepting any further sponsorship applications, but it DOES mean that if you're still hoping to apply for your Australian visa with sponsorship from South Australia under the current points test (as opposed to the new points test which is set to be introduced on 1 July, 2011), you need to make sure you meet this deadline.

- Lauren Mennie is Casework Department Manager for the Australian Visa Bureau.