South Africa may miss inclusion in UK working holiday programme

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 11 November 2008

The new Youth Mobility Scheme to go live with Tier 5 in November this year is similar to the current UK working holiday visa scheme.  The scheme will allow 18-30 year old travellers to work and holiday in Britain for up to two years.  The difference between the visas mean that young travellers will soon be able to work in their chosen profession, organise a job before they arrive in Britain and face less restrictions regarding the length of employment with any one employer.

Countries are invited to participate in the programme if they are deemed to provide reciprocal arrangements for young UK nationals wishing to holiday abroad.  Last month, the British Home Office confirmed Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan are officially invited to participate in the programme with the UK.  South Africa is still waiting response.

South Africans still have other options available to apply for a UK visa, including a skilled migrant visa in the Tier 1 category and the Ancestry visa for those with a grandparent born in the UK.

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Article by Jessica Bird, UK Visa Bureau.