Snoop Dogg granted UK Visa for British summer concert circuit

UK immigration authorities told Snoop – real name Calvin Broadus – on June 10 that he had been granted the UK Visa, just two weeks before he is due to perform at Glastonbury.

Snoop is also scheduled to appear at a concert in London’s Hyde Park and a charity event in Manchester. If he had failed to secure the UK Visa  he stood to lose in excess of $500,000.

“This is a major coup for the renewal of his relationship with the British immigration authorities and justifies the approach he has taken over the last three years to clear his name and reputation,” said Snoop’s lawyer.

The approval comes after a long battle to overturn the decision by UK Immigration authorities to ban Snoop from the country after a scuffle in Heathrow in 2006 between the rapper’s entourage and police, and his convictions in the US and outstanding charges for possession of drugs and firearms.

The decision was overturned on February 26, 2010, when two senior immigration judges found Snoop played a “relatively minor” role in the Heathrow scuffle, which was “precipitated” by decisions made by airline staff and the police.

The judges also said the fact that the punishment he received in regards to his US convictions was probation and community service was an indication of “the degree of significance attached to them.”

Last month, Snoop applied for the temporary visa allowing him to perform at the concerts in the UK.

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