Slowing UK economy causing emigration to rise

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 09 October 2008

The study claims that one in eight Britons are considering moving abroad to escape the looming credit crunch, and that almost 8 per cent of 2,000 people studied are withdrawing money from banks and building societies to protect themselves against economic instability. 

The Mail Online reported last week the number of white Britons leaving the UK now reaches 70,000 per year, and the majority are heading straight for Australia.  The news provider claims around 50,000 British people move to Australia each year, and tens of thousands emigrate to New Zealand

While the number of people emigrating from Britain is clearly on the increase, the trend for the number of people immigrating to the UK is growing even faster.  Indian, Pakistani, African and Chinese ethnic populations have been the biggest contributors to the immigrant population in the UK.

The British government recently introduced changes to the immigration system so that it can better reflect the needs of the British economy.  India was the first country to have the new system implemented on 01 April 2008, in which migrants are now classified under five tiers.  While Tier 1 for highly skilled migrants has been introduced, Tier 2 and Tier 5 (skilled migrants and temporary workers) will go live in November this year.  Tier 4 for students will begin early next year.

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Article by Jessica Bird, UK Visa Bureau.