Shortage of welders in US could see new demand for American immigration

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 08 April 2008

Charlie Stewart, a teacher of welding at Owens School of Technology, said: "Welding is the glue that holds the world together. There's still no more efficient way to join metal than to weld it. It's been that way for more than 100 years." Jim Gilmore, the Chairman of Manufacturing Industrial Operations at the same college commented that there are "all kinds of jobs" out there, adding credence to the Welding Society’s report that the industry is currently undergoing a skills crisis. However, while welders considering trying their hand in the US might be in demand, they will still need an American visa in order to work there. The best route for any skilled worker hoping to migrate to the US is to take an American visa application, to see if they meet the basic US immigration requirements.

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